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Friday, 9 March 2012

178/365 - Reaching his Highest Potential (Elizabeth Gilber)

“I have a History of making decisions very quickly about Men. 
I have always Fallen in Love fast 
and without Measuring Risks. 

 I have a tendency not only to See the Best in everyone, 
but to Assume that everyone is Emotionally Capable 
of Reaching his Highest Potential. 

 I have Fallen in Love more times than I care to count 
with the Highest Potential of a Man, 
Rather than with the Man Himself, 
and I have Hung on to the Relationship 
for a Long Time
 (sometimes Far Too Long)
 Waiting for the man to Ascend to his Own Greatness. 

Many Times in Romance 
I have been a Victim of my own Optimism.”

  - Elizabeth Gilbert 
(Eat, Pray, Love)

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