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Thursday, 6 June 2013

266/365 - Say yes (Stephen Colbert)

you cannot be both 
young and wise. 

Young people
who pretend to be wise 
to the ways of the world
 are mostly just cynics. 

 masquerades as wisdom, 
but it is the farthest thing
 from it. 

Because cynics 
don’t learn anything. 

Because cynicism
 is a self-imposed blindness,
a rejection of the world 
because we are afraid
 it will hurt us 
or disappoint us. 

Cynics always say no. 

But saying “yes” 
begins things. 

Saying “yes” 
is how things grow. 

Saying “yes” 
leads to knowledge.

 is for young people. 

So for as long
 as you have the strength to,
say “yes'.”

  - Stephen Colbert

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